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Services we offer


The building industry is complex and from time to time consultants may need to be engaged. With your approval we can make recommendations and liaise as appropriate.


Axis Design will prepare a quote specific to your project. Work commences upon signing of a standard design services contract. Fees are payable within 10 working days of completion of the documents.

The following services are available from Axis design and will be quoted separately.

Preparation of Quantity Schedules

Axis Design can complete a schedule of quantities for concrete and carpentry. Subtrade work is not undertaken.

Overseeing the Tender Process

Axis Design can call for tenders and oversee the tendering process. Supervision of contracts is not undertaken, however should the client wish to discuss any matter during the construction process, this time is freely given.

Alterations to the Plans

During the construction process, any changes made to the structure will need to be documented and building consent gained. In consultation with the builder and the client, Axis Design will undertake rework of the plans.

Consent Applications

Axis Design can apply for building consents on the client’s behalf. Resource Consent applications are the client’s responsibility.

Pre-purchase Property Inspections

Axis Design offers a property inspection service locally. This service includes inspection of the roof and structure, exterior cladding and joinery, sub floor space and the interior of each room; and excludes electrical, fireplaces and plumbing pipework. Written reports are completed within a 3-4 day timeframe.

Axis Design Ltd has Professional Indemnity cover.